About Us

Our Company

Since 1994, Profectus Clinical Systems has been providing quality hardware and software systems for medical offices and other customers. We install and support complete office computer networks for many of our customers.

We proudly offer the EDImis, Inc. Practice Manager and Welford Chart Notes Electronic Medical Records. Read more about these companies and their products by going to our website: www.profectusclinical.com. We are also a Microsoft Partner.

For several years, we have also been providing off-site backup services to many of our customers across the country. Now, this site, backuptricities.com, is designed to inform companies in our local area about these services.

Our Business Philosophy

Profectus is Latin origin, meaning “to move forward, progress, accomplish.” We have been helping our customers do that since 1994. Our focus is on customer service. Frankly, that is why this is not a one-stop automated website. Other people offer that – we do not. We offer true personal service, not only upon installation, but throughout our relationship with our customers.